State Party Chairs

Alabama - Chairwoman Nancy Worley

Alabama Democratic Party Chair

Alaska - Chairwoman Casey Steinau

Alaska Democratic Party Chair


Arizona - Chairwoman Alexis Tameron

Arizona Democratic Party Chair


Arkansas - Chairman Michael John Gray

Arkansas Democratic Party Chair


California - Chairman Eric C. Bauman

California Democratic Party Chair

Colorado - Chairman Morgan Carroll

Colorado Democratic Party Chair

Connecticut - Chairman Nick Balletto

Connecticut Democratic Party Chair


Delaware - Chairman John D. Daniello

Delaware Democratic Party Chair


Florida - Chairman Stephen Bittel

Florida Democratic Party Chair


Indiana - Chairman John Zody

Indiana Democratic Party Chair


Iowa - Chairman Troy Price

Iowa Democratic Party Chair


Kentucky - Chairman Patrick Hughes

Kentucky Democratic Party Chair, Former Chief Deputy Attorney General to Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway in 2011 and 2012.


Kansas - Chairman Lee Kinch

Kansas Democratic Party Chair


Maine - Chairman Philip L. Bartlett II

Maine Democratic Party Chair, Former State Senator/Senate Majority Leader from Maine District 6


Maryland - Chairwoman Kathleen Matthews

Maryland Democratic Party Chair


Michigan - Chairman Brandon Dillon

Michigan Democratic Party Chair


Massachussetts - Chairman Tom McGee

Massachusetts Democratic Party Chair, Massachusetts State Senate, Former Member Massachusetts House of Representatives


Minnesota - Chairman Ken Martin

Minnesota Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party Chair


Mississippi - Chairman Rickey L. Cole

Mississippi Democratic Party Chair


Montana - Chairman Jim Larson

Montana Democratic Party Chair


Nebraska - Chairman Vince Powers

Nebraska Democratic Party Chair


New Hampshire - Chairman Raymond Buckley

Democratic National Committee Vice Chair, New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair, President of the Association of State Democratic Chairs, Former Member NH House of Representatives


New Jersey - Chairman John Currie

New Jersey Democratic Chair


New Mexico - Chairman Richard Ellenberg

New Mexico Democratic Party Chair


New York - Chairwoman Sheila Comar

New York Democratic Party Chair


North Carolina - Chairwoman Patsy Keever

North Carolina Democratic Party Chair, Former County Commissioner, Former Member of NC House of Representatives


North Dakota - Chairwoman Kylie Oversen

North Dakota Democratic Party Chair


Ohio - Chairman David Pepper

Ohio Democratic Party Chairman, Former Hamilton County Commission, Former Cincinnati City Council


Oklahoma - Chairwoman Anna Langthorn

Oklahoma Democratic Party Chair


Pennsylvania - Chairman Marcel L. Groen

Pennsylvania Democratic Party


South Carolina - Chairman Jaime R. Harrison

South Carolina Democratic Party Chair, Former director of floor operations and counsel for former House Majority Whip, Rep. James Clyburn (D-SC), Formerly served as executive director of the House Democratic Caucus


South Dakota - Chairwoman Ann Tornberg

South Dakota Democratic Party Chair


Tennnessee - Chairwoman Mary Mancini

Tennessee Democratic Party Chair

Texas - Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa

Texas Democratic Party Chair, Former Cameron County Democratic Party, Former Cameron County Judge


Utah - Chairman Peter Corroon

Utah Democratic Party Chair, Former Mayor of Salt Lake County, Utah


Vermont - Chairwoman Dottie Deans

Vermont Democratic Party Chair