News 2019

Democrat Pam Iovino wins Pa. Senate seat

April 2, 2019

Julian Routh

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Justin Fairfax spoke about accusations at NAACP meeting

March 26, 2019

Brandon Jarvis


Schapiro: Divisions notwithstanding, Va. Democrats attempt to stand together

March 27, 2019

Jeff E Shapiro

Richmond Times Dispatch

Schapiro: Voice from past says Northam is key to Democrats' future

March 20, 2019

Jeff E Shapiro

Richmond Times Dispatch

Richard Schragger column: It's the city's right to remove Confederate monuments

March 4, 2019

Richard Schragger

Richmond Times Dispatch

Next Month, A Special Election Gives The Democrats Another Opportunity Pick Up A Seat In The Tennessee State Senate

February 12, 2019

DownWith Tyranny

Opinion Donald Trump and His Team of Morons

January 14, 2019

Paul Krugman

The New York Times

Didn't we just pick our state legislator? Voters in east Pasco poised to head back to the polls

January 4, 2019

C.T/ Bowen

Tampa Bay Times

BREAKING: Virginia Beach Democratic Chair Removed; Kicked out of Committee

January 4, 2019

William M.


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