2021 Candidates Virginia 

Lieutenant Governor
Hala Ayala

District 20
Randall Wolf


District 27
Debra Gardner


District 50
Michelle Maldonado


District 66
Katie Sponsler


District 82
Scott Flax


District 100
Finale Norton


Attorney General
Mark Herring


District 24
Sam Soghor


District 30
Annette Hyde


District 51
Briana Sewell


District 76
Del Clinton Jenkins

District 87
Del Suhas Subramanyam

District 14
Rhett Dietz


District 25
Jennifer Kitchen


District 38
Del Kaye Kory


District 55
Rachel Levy


District 79
Nadarius Clark


District 96
Mark Downey, M.D.

District 16
Chance Trevillian


District 26
Bill Helsley


District 42
Del Kathy Tran


District 61
Trudy Berry

District 81
Jeffrey "Doc" Feld


District 99
Linwood Blizzard


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