VA House of Delegates

Loudoun County, Frederick County, Clarke County

10th District - Delegate Wendy Gooditis

Roanoke City

11th District - Delegate Sam Rasoul

Giles County, Montgomery County (part), Pulaski County (part), City of Radford

12th District -Delegate Chris Hurst

Prince William County (part), City of Manassas Park

13th District -Delegate Danica Roem

City of Chesapeake (part), City of Virginia Beach (part)

21st District -Delegate Kelly Fowler

Fauquier County (part), Prince William County (part)

31st District -Delegate Elizabeth Guzman

Loudoun County (part)

32nd District -Delegate David Reid

Fairfax County, Loudoun County

34th District - Delegate Kathleen Murphy

Fairfax County

35th - Delegate Mark Keam

Fairfax County

36th District - Delegate Ken Plum

Fairfax County

38th District - Delegate Kaye Kory

Fairfax County

39th District - Delegate Vivian Watts

Fairfax County (part)

41st District - Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn

Fairfax County (part)

42nd District - Delegate Kathy Tran

Fairfax County

43rd District - Delegate Mark Sickles

Fairfax County

44th District - Delegate Paul Krizek

Alexandria City, Arlington County, Fairfax County

45th District - Delegate Mark Levine

Alexandria City

46th District - Delegate Charniele Herring

Arlington County

47th District - Delegate Patrick Hope

Arlington County, Fairfax County

48th District - Delegate Rip Sullivan

Arlington County, Fairfax County

49th District - Delegate Alfonzo Lopez

Prince William County (part), City of Manassas

50th District - Delegate Lee Carter

Prince William County (part)

51st District - Delegate Hala Ayala

Prince William County

52nd District - Delegate Luke Torian

Fairfax County, Falls Church City

53rd District - Delegate Marcus Simon

Charlottesville City, Albemarle County

57th District - Delegate David Toscano

Petersburg City, Dinwiddie County, Chesterfield County, Prince George County, Hopewell City

63rd District - Delegate Lashrecse Aird

Fairfax County (part), Loudon County (part)

67th District - Delegate Karrie Delaney

Chesterfield County (part), Henrico County (part), Richmond City (part)

68th District - Delegate Dawn Adams

Richmond City, Chesterfield County

69th District - Delegate Betsy Carr

Henrico County (part), Richmond City (part), Chesterfield County (part)

70th District - Delegate Delores McQuinn

Henrico County (part)

72nd District - Delegate Schuyler VanValkenburg

Henrico County (part)

73rd District - Delegate Debra Rodman

Henrico County, Charles City County, Richmond City

74th District - Delegate Lamont Bagby

Portsmouth City, Norfolk City

79th District - Delegate Steve Heretick

Virginia Beach City (part)

85th District - Delegate Cheryl Turpin

Fairfax County, Loudoun County

86th District - Delegate Jennifer Boysko

Loudoun County, Prince William County

87th District - Delegate John Bell

City of Norfolk (part)

89th District - Delegate Jay Jones

Hampton City

92nd District - Delegate Jeion Ward

Newport News City, James City County, Williamsburg City, York County

93rd District - Delegate Michael Mullin

Newport News City, Hampton City

95th District - Delegate Marcia Price

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