Political Organizations / Officials

DNC is formal governing body of the U.S. Democratic Party. The DNC is responsible for articulating and promoting the Democratic platform and coordinating party organizational activity.

State Party is responsible for helping elect Democratic candidates in state and local elections.

Local committees are responsible for helping elect candidates on all levels of local government.

Caucuses are subordinate organizations within the State Party, that represents specific groups.

Listed supporters of 90for90 believe in increased voter registration and participation, and support the program without regard for financial interest.  Candidates/Committees/Organizations may receive donations from viewers of the site, and at no time does this site or program seek a financial interest in those interactions. 90for90 does not seek, expect, or receive compensation in any form from commercial entities which support the program. Commercial enterprises which choose to support 90for90 do so from a desire solely to see the citizenry exercise their right to vote. 90for90 and 90for90.org do not endorse Candidates, Committees, Caucuses, Organizations, or Commercial Enterprises, and nothing herein contained should be construed as such..