Asian Caucus of DPVA

Dewita Soeharjono, Chair

Democratic Black Caucus of Virginia

E.J. Scott, Chair

THE DEMOCRATIC BLACK CAUCUS OF VIRGINIA, is a subordinate organization within the Virginia Democratic State Party, that represents the Black constituency of the party. It consist of members from all eleven Congressional Districts. We celebrate Juneteenth (All Slaves are free, June 19, 1865, Galveston, Texas) We have a Fall Festival, where voter registration is our main focus, and A Josephine Marshall Award is given to an outstanding Democrat in area where the event is held.

Democratic Latino Organization of Virginia

disAbility Issues Caucus

Labor Caucus

Julie Hunter, Chair

LGBT Democrats of Virginia

Email: Phone: 804-901-1500 Mail: PO Box 25037, Richmond, VA 23260

One of our main objectives is to register as many people as possible at all the Prides and other events that we go to around the Commonwealth. We are excited about being a part of the 90for90 Voter Registration Project!

Rural Caucus - DPVA

Vee Frye, Chair

Check website for events.

Rural Caucus PAC

Veterans and Military Families Caucus

Terron Sims II, Chair

Virginia Democratic Womens Caucus

Linda Brooks, Chair

Check website for events.

Virginia Democratic Small Business Caucus

Robert Haley, Chair

Mark A. Cannady, Vice Chair, Communications & Outreach

Virginia Young Democrats

Jamie Nolan, Chair

Check website for meeting dates and locations.

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