2020 Candidates

California - U.S. Congress District 1 - Audrey Denney

California - U.S. Congress District 16 - Kim Williams

Florida - U.S. Congress District 15- Adam Hattersley

Florida - State Assembly House District 7- Ryan Terrell

Florida - State Assembly House District 21- Dr. Kayser Enneking

Florida - State Assembly House District 106 - Sara McFadden

Georgia - U.S. Congress District 13 - Dr. Michael Owens

Hawaii - U.S. Congress District 2 - Kai Kahele

Illinois - U.S. Congress District 3 - Marie Newman

Missouri - U.S. Congress District 8 - Kathy Ellis

Nebraska - U.S. Congress District 2 - Kara Eastman

New Mexico - U.S. Senate - Secretary of State Maggie Toulouse Oliver

New Mexico - U.S. Congress District 3 - Valerie Plame

North Carolina - U.S. Senate - Erica Smith

South Carolina - U.S. Senate - Jaime Harrison

Texas - U.S. Congress District 10 - Mike Siegel

West Virginia - Governor - Stephen Smith

Wisconsin - Assembly - Lee Snodgrass

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